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:OD: Rakxed's App by EggplantWarrior
:OD: Rakxed's App
I s2g I'm cursed to end up having all my protag OCs turn into dorky losers. oez

Name: Rakxed
P.O.E.: The Plasmatic Gunman
Element: Plasma
World: Montressor (Treasure Planet)
Element Use: Rak, in a way, is a walking battery, charging his weaponry with bullets of pure plasma and channeling the energy within him to make plasma constructs if needed. However, currently, the best he really could do right now are small constructs like claws and daggers in case he ends up being unable to use his pistols. He can also use the energy to heat himself up when things get chilly.

However, as he is a walking battery of sorts, he needs to make sure he is fully charged, and the energy used for constructs, bullets or even that used to keep him warm only consumes said energy. Getting rest, eating and getting energized in any way he can is very important as using too much energy without gaining any back could easily be hazardous to his health, especially if there's a strong enemy nearby when it runs low.

It is also known that Rak, while able to heat himself up with his element, is quite vulnerable to cold, which means cold water air or ice can easily harm him if used in a clever enough fashion. Staying as dry and warm as he can is very important as his body will respond to a certain level of coldness by using his element to ensure he doesn't freeze to death.

Weapon: Dual Pistols
Weapon Use: Using his element as a means for ammo, Rak is required to use his element to charge them. For now, as far as ranged combat goes, he handles them the typical way a gunslinger would, aiming at one or two targets at once and firing in whatever fashion he deems effective. Since the ammo used are constructs of plasma, they are extremely hot and, therefore, are bound to cause burns if they make contact with anything.

On the pistols are a set of metal spikes. These are used for melee combat in case his foes end up managing to get close enough to him.


||Power  <4> ||
||Dexterity <8> ||
||Toughness <4> ||
||Insight <5> ||
||Perception <4> ||
||Charm <4> ||
||Appearance <6> ||

||Element Control <3/10> ||
||Weapon Control <4/10> ||
Full Name: Hanz Driscoll

Alias/nicknames: N/A


Height:5' 11''

Weight:190 pounds

Race/Species: Troll

Date of Birth:August 29th, 1986

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Orange

Education Level: Completed high school; currently has an apprenticeship in mechanics.

Current Occupation: Mechanic

Detailed Description of Character: Hans has short hair, as well as a short beard. Due to being quite the grease monkey of sorts, he tends to end up getting his clothes mucked up after and during working hours. While he tries to only wear them to people he's more open with and when he's alone, he has a few shirts for some of the franchises he is a fan of. When he's outside during days he's not working, he is usually in casual clothing which is usually in red. He has a rather bulky, muscular body type.

Biography: Born in Shady Grove, Hans was not like most other trolls. Despite what looks would make it seem, unlike the Trolls, who were more mischievous and, sometimes, even brutish in nature, he seemed to be a more gentle and friendly creature. While some of the other mythical creatures ended up teasing him for this very reason, most payed no mind to him save for the select few that bothered him despite not being provoked. Nowadays, he attempts to hide his awkward, pacifistic nature behind a casual attitude, but it seems to never work.

Hanz has also proved various times to be quite interested in the cultures of other species, including that of humans, collecting a few action figures from time to time and not-so-secretly getting thrilled by things involving things from those cultures that he enjoys. In other words, behind his looks and his facade, Hanz Driscoll is a huge nerd.

Reason for Coming to Shady Grove: N/A.
Love Shouldn't Hurt by EggplantWarrior
Love Shouldn't Hurt
:iconsasshywasshykins: made this challenge thing to spread awareness of domestic violence and I decided to do it. In all honesty, I believe nobody deserves to be a victim of domestic violence and the people that does that to others are inhumane garbage.

I have friends that have suffered with this issue and I don't want anyone else to.
This dork, :iconarishoopuf-art:, is doing emergency commissions so she can afford going to go to college. Since I have yet to get a paypal, I thought letting whoever still is actually following me know about it could help at least somewhat.

She made a journal talking about the situation, which you can find here:…

So yeah, go check her rad art out and pay to get her to draw something for you, ya nerds. Hopefully she gets the amount she needs, £200, soon enough.


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Just another dorky internet nobody.

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My Inspiration:
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